About me

Pamir Kargın (b. 1991) is a self-taught, contemporary abstract artist based in Turkey.

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Artist Statement

I paint to examine multiple dimensions of playfulness, particularly how it relates to public and private self-representation over the years. My work mirrors the interplay of past and present, imagined and tangible, that which is lost and what remains of one's self-projection, rather in a dynamical, whimsical manner. 


My passion for volumes, shapes and textures inspires me to visualize vivid compositions that offer a glimpse into my extremely impulsive painting process. Primitive, childlike forms continuously merge and split in complementary canvases, sparking a dialogue between time and notion. The multi-layered character of my technique contemplates my love of multi-piece canvases, giving the viewer a sense of distorted centralization while interacting with the works. The intersection of transparent and opaque layers, dialogue between distressed textures in the composition, and ultimately how activated the viewer feels looking at my work construct the fundamentals in my artistic practice.


I often use traditional materials, acrylic paint, spray paint, ink and pastels, and like to work on multiple pieces at the same time.


Solo Shows

06 - 07.2021 'Secret Party Downstairs' Tosca Art & Design, Ankara/Turkey

Group Shows

06.2020 Galerie D'art La Visione, Istanbul/Turkey

07 - 09.2021 Kiraarthane Contemporary Art Gallery, Kucukkoy Art Village/Turkey

08.2021 Luna Art Gallery, Istanbul/Turkey

03.2022 MONAT Gallery, Madrid/Spain


Art Fairs

09.2021 Luxembourg International Contemporary Art Fair, Luxembourg City

06.2022 Monaco International Contemporary Art Fair, Monaco (scheduled)



11.2021 Kiz Basina x Pamir (Kiz Basina is a social enterprise that aims to prevent violence and hate speech against women in Turkey.)